The Last Stand Union City

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Game Description:

The Last Stand Union CityIn the last stand union city you have to fight with zombies and pass through a huge city full of these deadly creatures to reach your home. You can choose your characters strength and skill at the start of the game. Use WASD or arrow keys to move your character and use mouse to aim. Use shift and ‘A’ and ‘D’ keys while fighting with zombies. After killing zombies you will get points which can be used to increase your skills like fleet-flooted gunner or a meat-shield melee expert. The game has two modes the survivor mode and “Run n Gun” mode. In the survivor mode you need food and sleep. You have to find food and you can sleep on beds in houses which seems safe to you. In the Run n Gun mode there is no need to look for food or sleep. Just look for weapons, ammo and health and put your enemies to death. Look for some bonus stuff throughout the city and find storage chest in houses for extra ammo. Walk through the city streets, kill zombies and enjoy your deadly trip…

Game Stats:  9,564 Plays
Game Categories:  Strategy, Zombie