The Last Shelter

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Game Description:

the last shelterThe last shelter is a tower defense game in which you have to build energy collectors while fighting with spiders, scorpions and armored beetles. At the start of the game you will have small amount of energy and a limited range of weapons like firing blasters, powerful heavy guns and rocket launchers. Different amount of energy will be required to build each of these and they can be upgraded as you advance through different stages. You can also use turrets which can only be placed near thermal energy plants. First 9 levels of the game will be easy but after that you have to deal with more powerful enemies. If you get stuck you can also call air support which will throw bombs or nukes. Use them carefully as they have long recharge time. After clearing each level you will get some experience points which can be used to upgrades guns, decrease reload time and to buy more powerful bombs. Play and plan strategically to crush the never ending waves of enemies.

Game Stats:  2,997 Plays
Game Categories:  Tower Defense