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Game Description:

Takeover gameTakeover is a strategy game in which you have to train swordsman, archers, knights and other units to conquer towns and castles. You can increase the maximum number of units by building more farms. To build more soldiers and weapons you should acquire gold and mana. You will produce more gold by building mines and for mana generation build the obelisks. Use your units to defend your base and use gold to upgrade their defensive capabilities. When you will have enough mana you can use your special ability called spells to weaken your enemies. A castle can only support 2 squads so you must capture other castles to hire more squads. There are three nation named “Duchy of westaria”, “Crimson Horde” and “Icedale s cult”. In the beginning only 1st one will be available. You can unlock other two by completing 1-2 missions of the first campaign. So go ahead its time to takeover…

Game Stats:  2,617 Plays
Game Categories:  Strategy