Strike Force Heroes

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Game Description:

strike force heroesStrike force heroes is one of the best shooter game with 65 different weapons, upgrades and challenging opponents. Blast whatever come in your way and advance towards your destination. Move your soldier with arrow keys, use mouse to shoot and switch your weapons using shift. There are four different classes Medic, Commando, Assassin and tank and you have to choose one before starting of the game. Each class has its own special weapons and abilities. Killing the enemies will give you experience and cash which can be used to buy and upgrade weapons. If you are able to kill enemies without dying you can activate special Kill Streak ability by pressing E or Ctrl. You can also find ammo and health packs scattered around the map instead of buying them from shop. There are different targets in each mission. In some levels you have to kill a certain number of enemies, have to capture a flag or lead your team against waves of enemies. Play either story mode, campaign mode or quick match with tons of upgrades and more than 65 weapons.

Game Stats:  25,012 Plays
Game Categories:  Strategy