SAS Zombie Assault 3 Game Review

Posted by admin On November - 5 - 2012


sas-zombie-assault-3Another zombie horde attack? Yep, although be honest, do zombie games ever get old? Thought so. Anyways, in terms of zombie flash games there is none better than SAS Zombie Assault 3 which will have you fighting for your human survival in a variety of locations while wielding the most awesome weapons!

If you haven’t played the previous SAS Zombie Assault games then you are sure in for a treat with SAS Zombie Assault 3. In terms of detail alone, SAS Zombie Assault 3 has you covered. Like I mentioned earlier there are multiple level locations to play in which while they do require unlocking it just gives more incentive to play (although you do not need that!). Weapon variety is the other big factor that makes the game one of the best zombie defense flash games I’ve ever played. You have the choice to buy weapons ranging from pistols, shotguns, SMGs, assault and machine guns which are all unlocked as you level up and increase your rank a la typical military style. So trust me when I say your armory is stacked full of prime zombie killing goods.

You may have heard me mention earlier that SAS Zombie Assault 3 is a zombie defense flash game and that it is one of the best I would say. In your locations you face down waves upon waves of the undead as they try to break into your defenses. Luckily you can shoot them through the window gaps and also you’re lucky you can repair the windows and other entry points quite easily and efficiently as you’re going to need it! Occasional power ups and weapons appear in the house to give you another strategic edge which is always nice.

Graphics and the general level of polish that is present in SAS Zombie Assault 3 is also outstanding. The still frame cut scenes in particular are amazing art pieces if I say so myself and the general gameplay screens aren’t too shabby themselves. And again the level of detail with the weapons, ranks and single player campaign are all nice. As an added bonus, SAS Zombie Assault 3 has a multiplayer mode so if you want to kick double the zombie butt then grab a friend and slay on! Overall if you’re in the mood for some zombie killing, and let’s be honest when we aren’t in the mood for that, then SAS Zombie Assault 3 is the game for you!

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