Raze 2 – Flash Game Review

Posted by admin On December - 19 - 2012

raze-2┬áThere doesn’t seem to be that many in-depth platforming shooter games that you can play in your browser. You know what I’m talking about. A game with the whole package; great graphics, good storyline, lots of enemies and guns to shoot them with. Well, the Raze series has always been on the front line in my opinion and with Raze 2, the position of best browser based shooter has become a little more solidified.

The biggest draw for Raze 2 I feel is the storyline. Very rarely do i play a flash game and feel that much invested into a storyline, although to be honest I’m not quite sure why I feel that way for Raze 2. I guess everything just ties in well together. There are plenty of short cut scenes to provide the story and then the different levels each have a different background and theme to them which fit within the story and then the different modes of gameplay further fit into the story. It’s all like a big story puzzle and all the pieces fit well together.


Having all the different modes of play is a real good idea and draw point for Raze 2. You have typical death match, team death match, domination, capture the flag, etc. It is worth mentioning that while I classify Raze 2 as a platformer shooter the platform area is in one confined area. Raze 2 is not a roaming platformer shooter but succinct in levels like Super Smash Bros. or something. Other features that should be noted in Raze 2 are all the different weapons. There are seven kinds of weapons which range from pistols to rocket launchers and you can upgrade each one four or so times to get better versions of each. There are also skills you can use with your energy bar such as cloaking ability or free ammo recharge. All of these features come together almost seamlessly in Raze 2 to make an absolutely amazing flash game that provides hours upon hours of entertainment.

Raze 2 only has a few issues in my mind. The first is spawn point issues. I cannot tell you how many times I have been doing fairly well in a level only to die and then respawn right where I was or in another clustered area and just die again. It really hurts the team in some modes of play. I also find the AI of enemies at times to be really hard as they give them warping or other high powered abilities and they just dance circles around us. The last issue is with the high prices of weapon upgrades. Overall though, Raze 2 is an amazing flash game that really impresses.

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