Pocket Creature Pvp

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Game Description:

Pocket Creature PvpPocket creatures PVP is a strategy game featuring 24 different battles, 28 basic monsters and 13 guard monsters. In this game your play the role of a monster trainer and your mission is to save the world after the queen has turned to evil things. The four basic types of monsters are Dragon, Corpse, Variant and Pinocchio each having its own special ability which differentiate it form other types. Each monster can evolve twice and have different attack ranges.  Train monsters so they can win the battles and bring you gold which can be used to buy new monsters or to feed your team.  Gem points can also be used to boost equipment quality of your monsters. Enjoy the 24 different pocket creatures battles, train your monsters and take them to the battle against your enemies and prove yourself the best of the best…

Game Stats:  3,203 Plays
Game Categories:  Strategy