JackSmith Game Review and Walkthrough Guide

Posted by admin On October - 31 - 2012

jack smith gameNot again!? The local Princess from the Plump Feather Kingdom has been captured by the evil Great Wizard Dudley. How are you to help this dastardly situation as just a lowly blacksmith? Well, in Jacksmith you play as exactly what the title says; A blacksmith donkey, who has a trusty scout who happens to be a dog. You want to help in this situation and help rescue the princess but you have no strength of your own but what you do have is the skills to craft the finest weapons for all those strong, or stupid, men who want to go out and fight for the Princesses honor!

In Jacksmith there are essentially two different phases to the game and ultimately to winning the heart (or at least money) of the Plump Feather Princess. The first phase is actually crafting the various weapons for the other soldiers. Each day various soldiers come to your blacksmithing stand and want you to craft their weapons. You will end up crafting many different kinds of weapons such as swords, bows and arrows, axes, shields, pole arms, etc. The crafting process is very similar to the famous cooking style games Flipline Studios develops so if you are a fan of those flash games you will feel right at home.

Each weapon has various stages to the crafting process. The first involves smelting down metals in which you need to get the right temperature and pour it into the mold at the right speed. The second stage differs per weapon but ranges from sharpening swords to stretching bows to constructing pole arms and maces. The last stage usually involves putting finishing touches on the weapons in terms of decorations and fletching for the arrows. The best part about Jacksmith is really the level of detail that is put into the crafting process. There is not just one metal that can be smelted but many such as gold, silver, iron, gold and even crystal. Furthermore the decorations are all special and each have various elemental bonuses. In fact certain combinations of the decorations allow for super bonuses and are called “epic” weapons if you craft them.



Now this whole crafting process is all for preparation for the second stage I talked about for Jacksmith. Basically you make all these weapons for the various soldiers to the best of your ability. From there they go into actual battle against the various bad guys that the Great Wizard Dudley, the evil antagonist in Jacksmith. As they battle depending on how well you made their weapons is how long they last in battle and as the enemies get defeated you can collect gold and weapon pieces/decorations. You can also help out the soldiers by firing your cannon from your blacksmithing station which can damage the enemies, catch them on fire and even heal your allied soldiers.

Note how I mentioned you can collect gold and weapon pieces? You can and this goes hand in hand with the first stage of Jacksmith aka the forging part. You can use the funds you’ve collected to buy the special decorations for your weapon crafting to make those epic weapons to get the super bonuses to defeat the enemies more easily. So as you see both parts go hand in hand and really each one affects one another.

All in all Jacksmith is a very detailed game that you can find yourself addicted to and playing for hours upon hours. I, myself, found myself sinking in over ten hours already and I feel I’ve barely scratched the surface. With all the different weapon parts/decorations and the enticing ability to create epic weapons, let alone watching the battles unfold and collecting all the loot, Jacksmith is really a highly engaged and addicting game! Great job Flipline Studios!

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