Infectonator 2

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Game Description:

infectonator 2 gameInfectonator 2 is the new game of the popular zombie games series. You have to initiate chain reaction by spreading virus. The game can be played with the mouse and some keyboard shortcuts are also available. In the start you will select the city from world map where you want to attack. The goal of the game is to kill certain amount of people or turn them into zombie using your virus. When you click a location in the city a wave of virus will be released that will infect humans and will turn them into zombies. These newly created zombies will then attack other humans.Be careful humans can fight back as well. You can collect coins after killing or converting humans into zombies. You will also get extra coins if you destroy whole population of the city. You can use these coins to buy different upgrades like longer life, damage resistance, high infection and wider spread of virus. Weapons like grenades and mines can also be bought using these coins. Killing humans in certain cities will unlock new special zombies that you can use once in every level. Game is not gonna over until you spread virus and kill humans in all cities of the world. Enjoy the world tour and spread your deadly virus…


Use mouse to spread virus and WASD keys to move level scroll and to zoom.
Use Z key for full view and X key for normal view.
Use Esc for options and ‘O’ for viewing objectives.
2-4 for support and 5-8 to call special zombies.

Game Stats:  4,480 Plays
Game Categories:  Strategy, Zombie