Hordes and Lords

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Game Description:

Hordes and LordsHordes and lords is a real time strategy games with quality graphics and different types of units.  Build your army and fight against your opponents in  epic battles. The game offers two modes campaign and survival mode. In the survival mode you can hire different squads like Hawks, Eagles, Ace of spades, rockers, bloody swords and others. Each squad has its own specialty like Hawks are armed bowman and bloody swords is a simple infantry with swords. Some stone war machines and mounted soldiers are also available.  You will have total of 3500 loot at the beginning which you can use to hire and upgrade different squads.  Use your mouse to place units and then start the fight. In the campaign mode play in series of battles and defeat your enemies to win the game.

Game Stats:  2,665 Plays
Game Categories:  Strategy