Gemcraft Labyrinth

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Game Description:

Gemcraft Labyrinth is a combination of strategy and rpg with deep gameplay and high quality graphics. Monsters are approaching from every side and you have to place gems and towers to stop their progress. Collect the mana during the game which will help you to use more powerful gems and a deadly Gem Bomb. Mana can also be used to build walls and other defensive weapons. Different Colors of gems have different power and destruction abilities. For example, cyan gem will slow down enemies progress and yellow gem will cause multiplied damage. The game give you ability to combine gems and produce gems with new abilities. After each level you will get some experience points which will increase your skill and other weapons abilities. Carefully see the map and place gems at proper paths. Plan your game and tower position and kill your opponents in this awesome strategy and defense game.

Game Stats:  4,228 Plays
Game Categories:  Strategy