Earn To Die Game Review and Walkthrough

Posted by admin On November - 2 - 2012

Earn to Die

You must have played many online zombie games and probably have enjoyed them too. If you actually like zombie-featuring games, ‘Earn To Die’ is one excellent game that you will cherish playing and perhaps replaying. This particular game is a blend of zombie games, driving games and strategy games. The game does contain some intense scenes of violence making the game inappropriate for kids below 13 years.

Here you are going to be playing the role of a hero who has to buy cars or other vehicles and equip them with advanced weapons and features that can be used for the challenges encountered during the game. The cars and the other vehicles have to be drove with the help of the arrow keys on the keyboard. The player has to drive down the off-roads and bumpy tracks to run over or hit the zombies to send them back to where they belong. Each day, the hero will be earning cash for the tasks accomplished and the cash depends upon the zombies killed and the distance traveled. The earned cash can be cleverly used to buy better upgrades or features for the vehicles to become more effective and the performance more improved.

The earn to die 2012 has three different modes and total of 8 levels on each mode. In all three modes you have to reach at a specific distance with limited amount of fuel while crushing zombies in your way. The story mode of the game is awesome and it will keep you glued to the screen for hours. In the free ride mode you are allowed to use a fully upgraded car and truck on each level. If you are not able to unlock cars in story mode here you have a chance to enjoy full upgraded cars and trucks. In the third mode the “Championship” mode you will be given a specific four-wheeler and limited amount of budget. Do your best to utilize your budget and complete each level for upgrades.

earn to die game

As you play the game and carry out the zombies-smashing tasks, always bear in mind that your main aim is to reach the chopper far away separated by hordes of zombies who will not make life any easy for you.  As the game progresses, the challenges keep getting difficult as you would expect from any arcade game. Very attractive graphics complemented with excellent sound add more excitement to the game. The art style of the game is neat and admirable. This particular game from Toffee Games is worth checking out. You will hopefully enjoy the gaming experience.

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