Bloons Tower Defense 3 (BTD3)

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Game Description:

bloons tower defense 3 - btd3

The bloons tower defense 3 is the major advancement in the bloons games series. It comes with improved graphics, different weapon variety, beautiful tracks and more detailed levels. The game contains 8 levels and three difficulty settings. The new weapons added to this game series are unique and every weapon has its own special ability. The spike-o-pult is large catapult that throws spike boulders around the screen to pop tons of bloons at once. Monkey beacon is another new tower that can be used to increase the speed, range and accuracy of other moneky towers. It can be upgraded to gain more attack speed and accuracy. The game introduces an explosive pineapple bomb that blows shortly after placement and can cause severe damages. The boomerang monkey tower can be upgraded to ninja star throwing monkey that has the more power and pops more balloons.Be prepared for challenging action in the later levels and place your towers strategically to survive until you can afford super monkey. The super monkey can be upgraded to shoot plasma from his eyes and to increase its attack radius. BTD3 offers nice variey of weapons and upgrades and more challenging bloons attack. Start the action of BTD3 now…

Game Stats:  10,796 Plays
Game Categories:  Bloons