Bloons Tower Defense 2 (BTD2)

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Game Description:

The second game of bloons tower defense series the bloons tower defense 2 is a bit advanced than the first one as it has more towers and more defensive mechanisms. The game has one additional tower “the monkey boomerang tower” which you can use to make your defense stronger. The other two new features that are included are road spikes and monkey glue.
Road spikes can be used to pop balloons along the track that escape from your tower defenses. Each road spikes set can pop maximum of 10 balloons. Road spikes can be useful when your main tower defense fails and can be proved a good backup. The monkey glue actually slows down balloons and operate in the same way as the ice tower. It can be used to slow 20 bloons at a time.The game contains 3 levels with easy, medium and hard difficulty. If you want some more challenge set the hard difficulty and the bloons will come from two different routes instead of one. Try it out and have fun!

Game Stats:  4,529 Plays
Game Categories:  Bloons