Bloons Tower Defense 1 (BTD)

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Game Description:

Bloons tower defense is the first game in the popular bloons games series. The main goal of the game is to pop all the balloons along the path using defense towers. Each level gets harder as the number of bloons and and their strength increases. You will earn points by popping each bloon which you can use to buy more towers and upgrades. You can buy dart tower with points which is a powerful monkey that fires a single dart at the incoming bloons. Dart tower can be upgraded for long range radius and piercing darts using points.The tack tower is another unique defense weapon which spits out 8 tacks at a time which are randomly fired so you can’t get that much accuracy. This weapon is especially useful for large groups of balloons.Each tower have maximum two upgrades which can be bought easily using points.The ice and bomb towers can also be used but they are weaker than the other two.
The game contains only one level. In the beginning of the game you will find it easy but after first 10 rounds it become more difficult as balloons started to move faster.Use additional towers and make your defense stronger to survive. Have fun playing BTD.

Game Stats:  5,734 Plays
Game Categories:  Bloons