Bloons Super Monkey

Fullscreen Lights Toggle

Game Description:

Bloons super monkey is simple yet an addictive game to play. You have to pop the balloons using your super monkey and other upgraded weapons. Use your mouse to move left and right and click to pop the balloons. You have to act fast otherwise balloons will fly away. You must get atleast a bronze to go the next level. There are plenty of upgrades which will be available as you proceed to new levels. You can upgrade your missile weapon to multiple missiles which is faster and will pop more balloons. Two other unique weapons boomerang and laser attack are also available which you can buy from the shop. Use your laser to get rid of some naughty balloons in the advanced levels. The game contains some bonus weapons as well like bloons popping bonuses, ice cream cones and bombs. Keep an eye on the map to collect these bonus weapons. Ice cream cone causes the screen to freeze and will give you some extra time to pop the balloons. The bomb will cause a huge destruction and will clear all bloons from the screen. Overall Bloons super monkey game wil keep you glued to the screen for hours with its cool background music and fascinating theme.

Game Stats:  7,608 Plays
Game Categories:  Bloons