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Bloons Tower Defense is one of the popular flash game series. This online game series currently has a total of five games released. One of the great things about these games is that they are all free to play online. These games differ from the regular Balloons game in that instead of throwing darts to pop balloons, in TD games the object is to use the coins to build towers or use special items that will pop the balloons. At the start of the game the player has a certain number of lives available. Each balloon that does not get popped takes away at least one life, and sometimes it takes away more. The object of this game series is to pass as many rounds as possible or complete all of the levels before losing all of your lives. At the end of each round you are awarded more money which can be used in the next round to buy things to help pop the balloons.

The first game of this series features five towers: dart, tack, ice, bomb tower, and a super monkey. The difficulty level at the beginning is low, and it increases as you play through the levels. Balloons TD2 gives the player the option to choose between easy, medium, and hard at the start of the game. It also features new towers that were not available in the first game which include road spikes, a boomerang, and monkey glue. Bloons TD3 features eight new tracks that were not available in the first two games. At the beginning of the game the player has the option to choose between the eight tracks and then gets to set their difficulty level. It also features a “spike-o-Pult,” a monkey beacon, and a pineapple that explodes.

BTD4 features nine tracks and the track difficulty levels include beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert. After choosing a track the player has the option to choose easy, medium, hard, sandbox, or “apocalypse,” although the last two can only be unlocked after reaching a certain rank in the game. The game starts with three purchasable items, and more items are unlocked as the game progresses. The 4th game of this series introduces the option of fast forwarding during each level so that all of the balloons move faster and the slower low levels can be completed faster. Bloon Tower Defense 5 is far more advanced than the earlier games in the series. This game features special agents, metals, a Leaderboard, specialty buildings, towers, and premium content. It also keeps up with how many days in a row you have played the game and allows players to complete a daily challenge or special missions. The 5th game of this series features the same track difficulty levels as the 4th game, but also adds a new “extreme” difficulty. At the start of the game the only item available for purchase is the dart monkey, and more items are unlocked as the game progresses. All of the games in this popular series have relatively the same game play, and are fun for all ages.

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